Dubsado Makes Everything Easier

Trying to keep all my clients organized and ensure I’ve sent them everything that I need to send them during the process of completing their project can get overwhelming at times. Realizing I’ve forgotten something really grates on me and I rush to ensure that it gets sent out or completed.

Enter Dubsado into the picture and now, all my processes are being streamlined and I honestly can’t be more excited for this step in my business. How do I use it, you ask? Here’s what you can expect from Whimsical Reverie.

Contact forms lead straight to my Dubsado software allowing me to quickly get information, proposals, contracts, and invoices sent out quickly and efficiently. With Dubsado’s workflows and all my business information already pre-loaded, certain processes can be automatically sent without me having to take time away from my projects to create new assets and get them sent off. You just signed your contract? Great! The system automatically generates your invoice and lets you pay the initial deposit and sets up my workflow with all the steps for your particular project.

The biggest perk of Dubsado is allowing me to focus more on the creative side and my customer’s projects than spend hours attending to office tasks.

Doesn’t that sound great to you? Feel free to purchase a pre-made project or contact me about a custom project. I look forward to working with you!

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