Book Cover Design Process

What goes into the book cover design process? How do designers turn your words into a visual aspect to draw in readers, new and old? A lot goes into making one book cover, most of it behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at what all happens here at Whimsical Reverie.

The Design Process Timeline

Step 1:

Client hires Whimsical Reverie to create their cover design and pays their initial deposit.

Step 2:

Client completes the cover design questionnaire sent to them by email.

Step 3:

Whimsical Reverie goes over the answers to the questionnaire. If additional information is needed, the client will receive the request via email. Once everything is sent over, the project dates are set and sent to the client for approval.

Step 4:

Whimsical Reverie creates a mockup of the design. The mockup is completed with composite images.

Step 5:

Client receives a copy of the mockup for approval. Client either approves the design, or requests changes to be made. All cover designs has 3 revision rounds after the initial design. If changes are needed, step 4 and 5 are repeated.

Step 6:

Once approval is given, Whimsical Reverie finalizes the design and resources used for the design. Once the project is ready for delivery, an invoice reminder for final payment is sent to client.

Step 7:

Client submits final payment on the invoice.

Step 8:

Whimsical Reverie delivers final files in zip format.

Notes about Paperback

Sometimes, not everyone is ready to format their paperback when they order design services. That’s okay, and I’m prepared for that. Final payment will still need to be made at the end of the design process. I hold onto the design in original format until the client contacts me regarding the paperback size needed. Paperback updates on paid designs will be done as the information comes in, regardless of schedule.

Ready for your own cover?

Now that you know my book cover design process, is it your turn?

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