Design Projects for Week of July 15th

weekly design projects

It’s a new week and I’m banging out some new design projects for the week. Every week, this article will be posted on Monday’s to keep you guys up-to-date one what all I’ve got going on. Some work may not be named in detail as they are under confidentiality, but they will also be revealed at a later time.

Custom Design Projects

I’ve got one book cover design I’ve been finalizing last week that I’m wrapping up the final design assets for. I got a bit delayed on finishing this last week as I was nearly dying from a busted AC for most of the week.

I’ll be starting another cover design as well. This design is based off some prior work and I can’t wait to see what it looks like as a book cover.

The Whimsical Reverie Design custom theme will also be worked on as well this week.

Premade Design Projects

I’ve also got some premade design projects in the works that I’m planning on finishing this week in order to stock my store with them. Be sure to keep a look out on the Premade Store and my Facebook Page for updates when the new designs are release. I’ve also got a code for use if you’re a member of my Facebook Group.

Need Your Own Custom Design?

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