One of my favorite things to work on is custom book cover design. I love being able to help an author tell their story and gain attention through the visual look of what’s on their cover. Jacy Braegan’s Catching Blue Jay is of no exception. Let’s look at it.

Paperback Cover

Catching Blue Jay Paperback Cover

eBook Cover

Catching Blue Jay eBook Cover

Audible Cover

Catching Blue Jay Audible Cover

Design Details

This custom book cover design matches contemporary gay romance market standards. It features one of the main characters in front of Turner Falls in the Arkbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma (one of the main settings from the story).

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About Catching Blue Jay

Catching Blue Jay is Jacy Braegan‘s debut novel and is the first of her Oklahoma Hearts series. It’s a contemporary MM romance.

Book Blurb

Ghosting my best friend is my biggest regret. Will my past cost me my second chance?

Running. That’s what I’m good at. When Aidan kissed me for the first time, I not only ran, I moved and ghosted him, breaking all my promises to keep in touch. Locking eyes with him years later sends me running again.

As my past catches up to me, I know I’ve got to stop running. It’s not easy facing my fears. Am I brave enough to reach out for what I want?

I lost Aidan once. I can’t lose him again.