Ready for paranormal book cover design reveal? This time, I’ve got Awakening, a novel by Nichole Willowbrook. Let’s see the goods!

Paperback Cover

paranormal book cover design

eBook Cover

paranormal book cover design

Design Details

The project was for a paranormal book cover design intended for the LGBT+ book market. Using just the written blurb as inspiration, I created a concept that showcased light versus dark in a metaphysical sense.

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About Awakening

Awakening is the first novel of the Aleph Rising series by Nichole Willowbrook. It’s a paranormal MM romance novel. See more below.

Book Blurb

Avarice Golding has one semester left of college. One semester until he’s out from under the thumb of his parents and their disapproval. One semester until he can start somewhere new, clean slate and all, religious baggage left behind him.

But one night in the sheets with a stranger could derail all of Avarice’s plans.

Gideon Marks isn’t who he appears to be. A chance encounter with Avarice will leave both of them vulnerable — especially when Gideon realizes that Avarice has an inclination to ancient magic that Gideon has somehow managed to awaken.

And now that Avarice is awakening, his soul calls to Gideon’s like none other before.

Tempted to protect Avarice, to spare him from the horror of an awakening, Gideon must choose between accepting responsibility for Avarice forever, or putting the awakening magic back to sleep.

Avarice has a choice to make as well, between the safety of a reality he thought he understood, or the power of a new future filled with both possibility and terror.